blossoms syrup elderflower


We try to continue to inspire our consumers. The original range consisted of Blackcurrant, Grenadine, Passionfruit, Pineapple, Strawberry and Raspberry.  Pomegranate made a very popular entrance at the beginning of 2012 and Sour Cherry was produced during the summer 2012 for Courtesan in Brixton.

Sloe made an entrance in 2013 and Mango was added to the collection in 2014 while Rhubarb made its entrance in the spring of 2016.

And now, having been inundated with requests to make Elderflower syrup, I have finally decided to do it and oh boy it was worth the wait! Even the Telegraph food and drink listed it as the ingredient to add to your cooking..

So for all you mixologists and bartenders out there, you surely won't find another syrup that can bring your cocktails to life like Blossoms syrups can.

And, for all you patisserie chefs, you surely won't be able to make the same consistently high quality syrups in your kitchen all-year-round. You can try but you will only be wasting valuable time!

Enough talk for now. Try them for yourself and you will soon realise what you have been missing.