our roots

Launched in 2010 in Aude Dupont Dudley’s kitchen, Blossoms syrups were made for the premium HoReCa with the quality of homemade with the world’s only non heat-treated process.

Blossoms syrups are 100% natural and the most intense ingredients you will be able to source.

The range started with 6 classic flavours: Grenadine, Blackcurrant, Passionfruit, Pineapple, Raspberry and Strawberry. Blossoms syrups are now available in more than 15 flavours and are made in Buckinghamshire (UK) from the best & unique fruit concentrate, inverted sugar (natural sugar from beet and cane) and natural citric acid.

The Elderflower is made from the flower water infusion.

Suitable for vegan, the syrups are the most versatile products that mixologists and top Michelin chefs do.